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This refers to the sharpness of the picture. There is signal resolution and a display resolution. A display is measured from the number of pixels horizontally and vertically. The more pixels the more high quality a picture you can display. The highest quality is 1920 x 1080.

Some of the explanations are mind boggling, so i will explain it in laymens terms. The brightness refers to how much light it can emit for a particuliar area. The higher the number the brighter it is. You don't want it too high that it is like looking into a kryton lightbulb and you don't want it so weak that you can't see the image.

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Teac Australia

TEAC Corporation is an electronics company based in Japan. They have a professional recording division called TASCAM. TEAC was founded in 1956 as the Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company.

TEAC is known for its audio equipment, and was a primary manufacturer of high-end audio equipment in the 1980s. During that time, TEAC produced notable tape decks, cd players, turntables and amplifiers. In Australia most of the items were sold in Kmart and Big W and the quality of these items were low.

Latest Teac LCD Deals and Pricing

TV Model: Teac LCDV2255HD
Teac LCDV2255HD Screen Size: 56 CM
Teac LCDV2255HD Features: built in HD tuner, 5ms response rate, widescreen with detachable DVD player.
Teac LCDV2255HD Connections: HDMI, Progressive Component, AC/12V DC
Teac LCDV2255HD Resolution: 1680 x 1050
Teac LCDV2255HD Contrast 700:1
Teac LCDV2255HD Is Available: 2-Dec-08
Teac LCDV2255HD Can be purchased from: The Good Guys
Teac LCDV2255HD Price: $779.00

TV Model: Teac LCDV1955HD
Teac LCDV1955HD Screen Size: 48 CM
Teac LCDV1955HD Features: built in HD tuner, 5ms response rate, widescreen with built in DVD.
Teac LCDV1955HD Connections: HDMI, Progressive Component, AC/12V DC
Teac LCDV1955HD Resolution: 1440 x 900
Teac LCDV1955HD Contrast 800:1
Teac LCDV1955HD Is Available: 2-Dec-08
Teac LCDV1955HD Can be purchased from: The Good Guys
Teac LCDV1955HD Price: $659.00

TV Model: Teac LCD 222HD
Teac LCD 222HD Screen Size: 55CM
Teac LCD 222HD Features: built in HD tuner
Teac LCD 222HD Connections: HDMI
Teac LCD 222HD Resolution: 1680 x 1050
Teac LCD 222HD Contrast 1000:1
Teac LCD 222HD Is Available: 2/10/2008
Teac LCD 222HD Can be purchased from: Target
Teac LCD 222HD Price: $699.00

Product: Teac 19 Inch LCD TV
Valid Until: 12th August
Features: 300 Cd/m2 brightness, 500:1 contrast ratio, memory card slots, DVD progressive scan, teletext, 12 volt compatable for portability.
Size: 46 CM
Bonus Bundle: Teac Set top box for digital TV.
Price: $769
Where To Buy: Dick Smiths