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Latest TCL HDTV Information

Latest TCL LCD TV Information

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TCL Televisions

Is a relatively new brand that is now appearing in electrical stores like retravision and department stores like Target.

There has been some talk on the internet that the panels used are sourced from Panasonic. This has not been confirmed but the specifications match those advertised in similar sized Panasonic TVs.

Having a look at there websites states that they are the biggest TV manufacturers in the world. They are HQ in China so naturally they can sell a large number of TV’s when they have 20% of the world’s population.

The TV’s come with a 3 year warranty so that makes sense when you buy a TV that is not know in the Australian Market. Just make sure you buy from a place that has a good return system like Target or Kmart.

TCL have also recently begun advertising in Telstra Dome for AFL football games. This shows that the brand is trying to move up and compete with the liked of LG and Samsung.

Latest TCL HDTV Deals, Pricing abd Reviews.

Product: TCL L42M61AZ LCD TV
Valid From: 9th August
Features: 1366 x 768 resolution, 5m/s response time, HDMI/HDCP input, PC Audio, Digital Audio Out, S-video In, enhanced noise reduction, teletext, parental control, child lock, digital comb filter, cinema 3:2 mode, Built in HD Tuner.
Size: 106 CM
Price: $1999
Warranty: 3 Years (You probably will need it)
Where To Buy: Panasales Clearance Centre

Product: TCL LCDTV32E62 LCD TV
Valid From: 9th August
Features: 1366 x 768 resolution, 6000:1 contrast ratio, 6.5m/s response time, 176 degrees viewing angle, HDMI input, AV Input, VGA Input, DVI input, Analogue Tuner, Headphone Output, USB.
Size: 81 CM
Price: $799
Warranty: 3 Years (Great quality)
Where To Buy: Panasales Clearance Centre
Notes: Perfect for use as a computer monitor.