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HDTV Australia News

HDTV information that you need to know before entering the home theatre market or just buying a new TV for your home.

Worlds Largest Plasma

Panasonic has gone all out and built the worlds biggest single panel plasma TV. Panasonic introduces three professional 1080p HD plasma displays including the world's largest* plasma panel at 103 inches. Simply, the larger your screen size, the more detail you need your display device to deliver. Our new plasma panels incorporate a host of leading-edge technologies to reproduce clear, brilliant images with exceptional detail, true 1080p resolution and outstanding depth perception. The new models also provide smooth, sharp motion images, true-to-life color and the equivalent of 4,096 gradation steps. With their superior imaging performance, Panasonic's new plasma display panels unleash the full capability of 1080p HD.

Australian Digital TV Broadcasters.

Currently Channel 10, 9, 7, SBS and ABC have digital channels availble for free. Channel 31 is still on the analog format and looks like it will be phased out unless they can get funding to go digital.