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JVC Australian TV's

JVC developed the VHS format, and introduced the first VHS recorders to the consumer market in 1976. Sony who had introduced the Betamax home videocassette tape a year earlier, became the main competitor to JVC's VHS into the 1980s creating the videotape format war. The Betamax cassette was smaller with roughly equal quality to the VHS cassette, but the Betamax had less recording time. By 1984, forty companies utilized the VHS format in comparison with Betamax's twelve. Betamax got quashed and it looks like sony is back in the action with blu ray versus hd dvd..

In 1970 JVC marketed the Videosphere, a modern portable CRT television inside a space helmet shaped casing with an alarm clock at the base. It was a commercial success. In 1976 JVC introduced the 3060, a 3" portable television with an included cassette player. From this they began pioneering with new technology and ways to bring electronics into the home and more accessible for everyone. JVC has been a long time sponsor of Australia's funniest home videos and in that time has grown the brand to be afforable and state of the ART. The TV's they produce are of the highest quality and would appeal to those who want something a little better than average.

TV Model: JVC LT-48N530A
JVC LT-48N530A Screen Size: 48"
JVC LT-48N530A Features: USB Recording, Auto Volume Leveler, Built In Tuner
JVC LT-48N530A Connections HDMI x 3 and USB x 1
JVC LT-48N530A Resolution: 1920 x 1080
JVC LT-48N530A Contrast 4000:1
JVC LT-48N530A Is Available: 14-Oct-14
JVC LT-48N530A Can be purchased from: Dick Smith Electronics
JVC LT-48N530A Price: $599.00

Enhance your everyday entertainment with a 48" Full High Defiinition Tv (1920x 1080) with built in digital tuner and USB recording