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Base LCD - Plasma

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Latest Base HDTV Information

Latest Base LCD TV Information

Base televisions are sold at Big W and Target Stores.


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Base Televisions

Base is a budget manufacturer of electronic equipment that includes mp3 players, dvd players, televisions, radios and other portable devices. They are sold at Target, Big W and Kmart stores throughout Australia. Browse this page for catalogue advertised LCD products from Target.

Cheapest Base LCD TV Pricing

Product: Base TLI93OA-TP LCD TV
Valid Until: 14th May 2008
Features: 700:1 Contrast ratio, 16ms response time, 1440x 900 pixel resolution, 300 candle watts / m2.
Size: 48 CM
Price: $329
Where To Buy: Target
Previous Price: $359 03/01/08