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Latest HDTV Information

Latest LCD TV Information

hdmi cable

HDMI Cable connection

Universal remotes can be purchased from the Good Guys form $39 each.

TV Wall brackets from $99 each.

Samsung Blu-ray Player BD P1500

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HDTV Accessories

Accessories for you HDTV is one important factor in having high quality images and sound. What most people don't take into account is the cost of having interconnect cables, speaker wires, wall mounts and even TV cabinets. All these things add up and can easily take up an extra 20% of the purchase price of a HDTV. Interconnect cables are one which has had great debate on home theatre in recent times with particular brands charging more than 30 times than other brands. Cheap cables can do the job, however they are prone to breaking and sometimes can interfere with the signal. Cheaper cables have cheaper insulation so power cables will cause interference.

So how should you spend on cables. Interconnects have big markups, so it is always a good idea to ask the retailer of the TV to throw them in. It is not uncommon to see markups of 70%. Most retailers do this so you won't be getting a better dealing going elsewhere. If you are patient then you can get cables on eBay which is about 50% cheaper then in the stores. One thing to consider is what the cable is going to be used for. For analog signals, it needs to be insulated as power will interfere and cause gradual quality loss. For digital signals, you either have it or you don't. If you buy a cheap cable and fine it doesn't work as well, make sure it doesn't run along or across and power cords if possible. Power will definitely affect all cables especially those of lesser quality.

DVD Recorder: AWA DR640
AWA DR640 Features: 160 GB HDD, High speed dubbing from HDD to DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R disc. Supports MPEG4, Divx MP3, one touch record function.
AWA DR640 Is Available: 12-Mar-09
AWA DR640 Can be purchased from: Big W
AWA DR640 Price: $348.00

Multimedia Player: Samsung Blu-ray BD-P1500
Samsung Blu-ray BD-P1500 Features: Full HD playback support 1080p, DVD, AVCHD and CD. Full HD audio 7.1 channel, Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, HDMI v1.3.
Samsung Blu-ray BD-P1500 Is Available: 12-Mar-09
Samsung Blu-ray BD-P1500 Can be purchased from: Big W
Samsung Blu-ray BD-P1500 Price: $344.00

TV Accessory: GVA Digital Box GVASTB5
GVA Digital Box GVASTB5 Definition: Standard
GVA Digital Box GVASTB5 Features: Plug & play setup, electronic program guide, favorite programs memory
GVA Digital Box GVASTB5 Connections: Component, Composite
GVA Digital Box GVASTB5 Is Available: 2-Dec-08
GVA Digital Box GVASTB5 Can be purchased from: The Good Guys
GVA Digital Box GVASTB5 Price: $39.00

TV Accessory: DGTEC Digital Box BC75153
DGTEC Digital Box BC75153 Definition: High
DGTEC Digital Box BC75153 Features: east to use graphical interface, 7 day electronic program guide
DGTEC Digital Box BC75153 Connections: HDMI
DGTEC Digital Box BC75153 Resolution: 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i
DGTEC Digital Box BC75153 Is Available: 2-Dec-08
DGTEC Digital Box BC75153 Can be purchased from: The Good Guys
DGTEC Digital Box BC75153 Price: $99.00

TOPFIELD HDD Recorder TF7100HDPVRTBLK Definition: High
TOPFIELD HDD Recorder TF7100HDPVRTBLK Features: record up to 43hours of hdtv and 172 hours of SDTV, record 2x HD/SD channels simultaneously, powerful trick mode, one touch reocrding, timed recording, time shifting, bookmarking, progress bar
TOPFIELD HDD Recorder TF7100HDPVRTBLK Connections: HDMI, Componet, Composite, Svideo
TOPFIELD HDD Recorder TF7100HDPVRTBLK Is Available: 2-Dec-08
TOPFIELD HDD Recorder TF7100HDPVRTBLK Can be purchased from: The Good Guys
TOPFIELD HDD Recorder TF7100HDPVRTBLK Price: $689.00